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What you want, need, or don't know.
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1. Does it hurt?
-Hell yea it hurts! HAHAHAHA No, we like to compare the feeling of getting a tattoo to a hot, cat scratch. Piercings are quick and over within 60-90 seconds! No worries!

2. What should I do before getting my tattoo?
-We always recommend eating a good meal and being well rested. Come sober, with your valid I.D., cash/credit card and you are set. Also, please plan accordingly with children. We do not allow children to accompany you when you get a tattoo or piercing. No one under the age of 16 is permitted in the studio, no exceptions.

3. What is the price for a tattoo?
-Our studio tattoo minimum is $60 and they go up from there. Tattoos are priced according to the design and size, whether it is black/grey or color, and the location on your body. We charge $125 an hour.

4. What do I do to take care of my new tattoo?
-Your care will be explained to you after your procedure and a written care form is provided to each client to take home.  We are happy to answer any questions you have at the time of the procedure or please feel free to contact us afterwards. 

5. Do you accept walk-ins?
-Yes, if we have time for walk-ins, we will take them. If we are booked when you walk in we will certainly be able to set you up with an appointment. 

(COVID county restrictions could affect this, please contact us for current conditions)

6. What is your minimum age for tattoos?
-We accept clients that are 16 years and older. Anyone that is 16 and 17 will require parental consent and must have a valid, government issued, photo I.D. card or license. The parent must be present during the whole procedure and have a valid I.D. as well. Parents and children must have matching last names for identification purposes or ALSO bring a birth certificate or legal documentation, in order to relate the two.

7. What do you require for an appointment?
-We require a minimum deposit of $50.00, this will be applied to the cost of the tattoo. Certain tattoos will require larger deposits. These deposits are non-refundable, non-transferrable, applied to the tattoo discussed, valid for 30 days, and forfeited with cancellation. 72 business hours are required to reschedule. Deposits guarantee your preparation for the tattoo and appointment time. 

8. What if I need a touch up on my tattoo?
-We have a 60-day FREE touch up policy. You must wait 30 days for your tattoo to completely heal and we give you can extra 30 days to come and get your tattoo touched up for free. This free policy does NOT apply to tattoos on hands, feet, genitals, or above the collar bone. Touch ups that are needed, for those places mentioned, will be pay as you go. This touch up policy does not cover any add-ons or changes to the tattoo. If you would like to add-on to your tattoo that would be a separate cost, please contact us to discuss.

9. What if I can't make my appointment or need to cancel?
-We require at least 72 hour notice for any missed appointment, if you would like to reschedule. Cancellations and "no-show" will result in forfeiture of deposit.

10. What if I want to change my tattoo idea and I have already put down a deposit for that tattoo?
-If you want to change your tattoo idea, from what was originally discussed, you would forfeit your original deposit and need to put down another deposit. We require the deposit to ensure that the time and effort, of your tattoo artist, is accommodated for.  If you want to make changes to your custom tattoo design, such as layout or you don't like something about your design, that is fine. We will change custom designs as long as you are keeping the same tattoo idea, but you cannot completely change your tattoo to something else without putting down another deposit.